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  • Is credit card travel insurance worth it?¬†find it out

    Taking out travel insurance is essential for all trips and many people opt for credit card travel insurance instead of choosing a plan from an insurance company on the market. But is it the best option and is it worth it? We’ll talk about that in this article. Check out! Need to open a bank account in Europe? How to use […]

  • Travel insurance: know what it is, how much it costs and if it’s worth it

    Travel insurance is an essential item in the planning of any traveler, regardless of whether the destination is mandatory or not, as it is he who will guarantee assistance in case of any unforeseen events. In this article, I’ll explain everything about insurance, how it works, how to hire, how to choose and much more! First, let […]

  • Company life insurance: see how it works

    Many companies, especially medium and large ones, offer life insurance in their range of employee benefits . Many end up not adhering to the corporate plan because they do not understand what it is about or because they want to save money in some way. Despite being used on a large scale and being one of the most […]

  • Is it worth taking out motorcycle insurance?

    He parked his motorcycle and, oops, when he got back it was gone. This is a common scene in many American cities. The headache will not be small, even more so when you calculate the damage. But not everything is lost. Motorcycle insurance can come into play to prevent so many setbacks, such as in the case of theft or theft. […]