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Luna M Mod Apk 1.0.617

Luna M Mod Apk 1.0.617
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Thousands of years ago A war between races arose, anger, hatred and fear.

The birth of an evil and destructive god But got a girl from the Moon tribe to help She uses magic power from Moonstone to eradicate the god of destruction. But after that, the human race, the dragon tribe and the demon tribe realized that the source of their true power, Moonstone, was greedy. Would like to possess the mantra Become one's own The moon tribe leader decided to break the Moonstone into debris. And hide it So that no one else can occupy it anymore

LUNA M, a mobile MMORPG game that is full of joy To the mobile screen Players will enjoy the adventure. Fascinated by the charm of the characters that are full of cuteness Added features to adjust graphics and interface to suit playing on mobile devices in the current era. While focusing on a strong Community system

► Game highlights ◄

 Recite the loveliest kingdom you miss 
• There are many professions to choose from to play. Cute character And have unique skills according to each profession
• Wander through the vast and untouched realm that you miss
• Level up, plus a set of weapons upgrades above anyone else.
• Fishing, digging, collecting food ingredients, craft free items as you like.

 Adventure with pets and trusted vehicles 
• There are many pets to choose from. That comes with different capabilities
• Vehicles are important. If going together must go far.
• Combine the right pet and partner And let's go on an adventure

 Go through the dungeon level to join the fun Guild War 
• Explore the intense quest for the main story.
• Co-op. Create a party, dungeon, play with friends in real-time.
• PVP Championships in Gunsas Arena
• Climb the Infinite Tower
• Create a Guild to fight in the fun Guild War.

 various styles of fashion Endlessly able to change it 
• Cool, cute, funny Can change as you wish Ensure that no one else
• Look up for Unique You can choose from head to toe and wings to make up.

Website: https://playluna.in.th/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/playluna.in.th

Luna M Mod Apk 1.0.617
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Luna M Mod Apk 1.0.617
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